Q.1) Which was the 1st bank managed by Indians?

A. State Bank of India
B. Allahabad Bank
C. Oudh Bank (Correct Answer)
D. None of these

Q.2) _______________ and _____________ will be connected by the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor that is being built by the Indian Railways.

A. Noida and Panipat
B. Kanpur and Bhubaneswar
C. Sonnagar and Ludhiana (Correct Answer)
D. None of these

Q.3) Under the administrative control of which ministry does the Commissioner of Rail Safety lies?

A. Ministry of Railways
B. Ministry of Civil Aviation (Correct Answer)
C. Cabinet Secretariat
D. None of these

Q.4) NSDL, National Securities Depository Limited deals with which of the following?

A. Electronic shares (Correct Answer)
B. Cash
C. Debentures
D. None of these

Q.5) How is GNP different from GDP?

A. GNP includes net income from abroad (Correct Answer)
B. GNP includes export income
C. GNP includes direct taxes
D. None of these

Q.6) The __________ is a pension scheme designed for workers in unorganized sector. These workers include those who do not have access to the social security net.

A. Swavalamban (Correct Answer)
B. Swabhiman
C. Swatantra
D. None of these

Q.7) The ____________ unit of valuation is referred to as 'paper gold'.

A. SDR (Correct Answer)
B. Eurodollar
D. None of these

Q.8) DSM under World Trade Organization is a mechanism for?

A. Direct Service
B. Dispute Settlement (Correct Answer)
C. Dangerous Substance
D. None of these

Q.9) An example of a 'dirty subsidy' could be?

A. Subsidy on diesel (Correct Answer)
B. Mid-day meals programme
C. Subsidy to households above poverty line
D. None of these

Q.10) Why is Amniocentesis legally banned?

A. It causes the spread of AIDS
B. It harms the foetus
C. It is used for the purpose of selection of the sex of the foetus (Correct Answer)
D. None of these


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