Q.1) The major cause of 'October heat' is?

A. low velocity of winds
B. high temperature associated with high humidity (Correct Answer)
C. low pressure systems
D. None of these

Q.2) Haryana and Punjab are included in _________ climatic region.

A. Steppe (Correct Answer)
B. Alpine
C. Tropical evergreen forest
D. None of these

Q.3) In India, dry winters are expected in?

A. Jammu & Kashmir
B. Punjab and Haryana plains
C. Bengal plain (Correct Answer)
D. None of these

Q.4) In the month of December, which place receives the maximum solar energy?

A. Kanpur
B. Lucknow
C. Chennai (Correct Answer)
D. Bangalore

Q.5) How can we describe the climate around Bikaner?

A. hot desert (Correct Answer)
B. semi-arid steppe
C. Mediterranean type
D. None of these

Q.6) Where can we likely observe the maximum daily range of temperature?

A. Delhi (Correct Answer)
B. Mumbai
C. Thiruvananthapuram
D. None of these

Q.7) The temperatures are the highest in southern India in the month of?

A. January
B. February
C. March
D. April (Correct Answer)

Q.8 In India, most of the precipitation is __________ in nature.

A. orographic (Correct Answer)
B. frontal
C. convectional
D. None of these

Q.9) If the sun rises in Arunachal Pradesh at 6.00 am, what will be the probable time of sunrise in Saurashtra?

A. 6.00 am
B. 4:30 am
C. 6:30 am
D. 8.00 am (Correct Answer)

Q.10) Which of the pedogenic regimes is related to dry and hot climates?

A. salinisation (Correct Answer)
B. laterisation
C. gleisation
D. None of these

Q.11) With what type of climate is the pedogenic regime of podzolisation related?

A. Hot
B. Dry
C. Humid temperate (Correct Answer)
D. Cool

Q.12) The pedogenic regime of calcification is generally related to?

A. mid-latitude steppe lands (Correct Answer)
B. cool temperate areas
C. hot, humid areas
D. None of these

Q.13) The _________ type of precipitation is most common in the areas having steppe type of climate.

A. Convectional
B. Cyclonic (Correct Answer)
C. Both convectional and cyclonic
D. Neither convectional nor cyclonic

Q.14) The __________climatic region receives most of its precipitation at the time of winters.

A. Mediterranean (Correct Answer)
B. Tropical rainforest
C. Humid microthermal
D. None of these

Q.15) This climate is also termed as the taiga type of climate. Identify it from the given options
A. Humid microthermal (Correct Answer)
B. China type
C. Humid mesothermal
D. None of these


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