Q.1) Nagarjunasagar project is located on ___________ River.

A. Ganga
B. Yamuna
C. Narmada
D. Krishna (Correct Answer)

Q.2) River Mandakini flows by Kedarnath. Mandakini River is a tributary of?

A. Alaknanda (Correct Answer)
B. Bhilangana
C. Devganga
D. None of these

Q.3) What should a person follow when he is planning to travel by the shortest route?

A. the latitudes
B. the longitudes (Correct Answer)
C. The rivers
D. None of these

Q.4) Teesta form a part of __________ river system.

A. Brahmaputra (Correct Answer)
B. Godavari
C. Indus
D. None of these

Q.5) This river flows between the Vindhyas and the Satpuras. Identify it from the given options.

A. Gandak
B. Narmada (Correct Answer)
C. Godavari
D. None of these

Q.6) Chambal River flows through?

A. Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
B. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan (Correct Answer)
C. Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh
D. None of these

Q.7) This river flows towards West. Identify it from the given options.

A. Narmada (Correct Answer)
B. Kaveri
C. Krishna
D. None of these

Q.8) Why do most rivers flowing west from the Western Ghats do not form deltas?

A. Due to lack of vegetation-free area
B. Due to lack of eroded material
C. Because of the steep gradient (Correct Answer)
D. None of these

Q.9) __________ River forms its delta in Odisha.

A. Yamuna
B. Mahanadi (Correct Answer)
C. Ganga
D. None of these

Q.10) Sabarmati originates from?

A. The Aravallis (Correct Answer)
B. The Western Ghats
C. The Satpuras
D. None of these

Q.11) The famous Kariba Dam is situated on __________ river.

A. Ganga
B. Zambezi (Correct Answer)
C. Yamuna
D. None of these

Q.12) Some of the following are believed to be older than the Himalayas. Identify them from the given options.

i) Ganga
ii) Indus
iii) Sutiej
iv) Brahmaputra
A. i, iii and iv (Correct Answer)
B. ii, iii and iv
C. i, ii and iv
D. i, ii and iii

Q.13) Among the following, which tributary of the Ganga system flows towards North?

A. Son (Correct Answer)
B. Ghaghara
C. Kosi
D. None of these


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