Q.1) Among the following, which is not a cause for the recent rapid increase in global food prices?

A. Shoot in crude oil prices
B. Augmented demand from developing countries
C. Change of food grains to bio-fuel
D. Attack of pest (Correct Answer)

Q.2) India persists to be on the 4th position among the largest country in the world measured in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The 1st three positions are occupied by which of the following?

A. U.S., China, Japan (Correct Answer)
B. India, U.S., China
C. Japan, Pakistan, China
D. None of these

Q.3) What were the consequences of colonialism on Indian agriculture?

1. Commercialization of agriculture
2. Impoverishment of peasantry
3. Exile of land owners for non-payment of dues
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 1 and 3
D. 1, 2 and 3 (Correct Answer)

Q.4) Why is Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) created?

A. To lengthen communication facilities to remote and rural areas (Correct Answer)
B. To support condition of educational facilities for nomadic tribes
C. To support institution of Primary Health Centres in remote areas
D. None of these

Q.5) Currently, what population does each bank branch serves on an average?

A. 40000
B. 12000 (Correct Answer)
C. 10000
D. 60000

Q.6) What is the purpose of ICPS (Integrated Child Protection Scheme)?

A. To decrease the susceptibility of children in difficult circumstances (Correct Answer)
B. To perk up the health status of children
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A nor B

Q.7) In India, this has been observed that poverty is gradually getting concentrated in 6 states. Among the following states, which is not one of the 6 states?

A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Orissa
C. Chhattisgarh
D. Uttarakhand (Correct Answer)

Q.8) Factors responsible for adverse Balance of Payments (BoP) situation of India are?

1. Declining foreign investment flows
2. Elevated crude oil price
3. Falling Rupee exchange rate
4. Euro zone crisis
Choose the correct code:
A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Only 3
D. All of the above (Correct Answer)

Q.9) One consequence of 'youth bulge' in demography is?

A. Rise in dependency ratio
B. Rise in absolute number of births, even when couples may have fewer children (Correct Answer)
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A nor B

Q.10) What is the cause for a steep decline in population in India as per 1921 census?

A. Influenza (Correct Answer)
B. 1st world war
C. Partition of Bengal
D. None of these


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