Q.1) ___________ is the boundary between Germany and Poland.

A. Durand Line
B. Maginot Line
C. Hindenberg Line (Correct Answer)
D. None of these

Q.2) Philadelphia is well known for?

A. locomotives (Correct Answer)
B. Jewellery
C. Textiles
D. None of these

Q.3) Leeds is well-known for ______________.

A. locomotives
B. Jewellery
C. Silk
D. woollen textiles (Correct Answer)

Q.4) ______________ is known as the sugar bowl of the world.

A. China
B. Japan
C. Cuba (Correct Answer)
D. None of these

Q.5) What is the homeland of the Yakuts?

A. Pakistan
B. Indonesia
C. Russian tundra (Correct Answer)
D. Australia

Q.6) Lapps inhabit?

A. European tundra (Correct Answer)
B. European steppes
C. East Africa
D. None of these

Q.3) Who are the indigenous people living in the steppes of Russia?

A. Bushmen
B. Tuareg
C. Kirghiz (Correct Answer)
D. None of these

Q.7) ____________ region is most recognized for citrus fruits?

A. Mediterranean (Correct Answer)
B. deserts
C. temperate grasslands
D. None of these

Q.8) Republic of Congo is one of the leading producers of which of the following?

A. Iron
B. Sugar
C. Copper
D. diamond (Correct Answer)

Q.9) The leading producer of cement is?

A. India
C. Australia
D. USA (Correct Answer)

Q.10) Medicine Line is the border between?

A. Canada and the United States (Correct Answer)
B. India and Pakistan
C. Pakistan and China
D. None of these

Q.11) 'Willy-willy' is?

A. an earthquake
B. tropical cyclone near Australia (Correct Answer)
C. draught
D. None of these

Q.12) Which is the largest producer of mercury?

A. India
C. Australia
D. China (Correct Answer)

Q.13) The shortest route from Moscow to San Francisco is?

A. over the North Pole (Correct Answer)
B. over land
C. over the South Pole
D. via Canada

Q.15) The doldrums belt is located ___________?

A. near the polar areas
B. near the equator (Correct Answer)
C. on the Tropic of Capricorn
D. on the Tropic of Cancer


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